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Coming Soon

Triple Kings started its beta phase in Q1 of 2021. The next phase is currently in development; the gamma phase. Expected to release near the spring of 2023. The upcoming phase is our official soft launch of Triple Kings! And this includes the following:


- Updated Website

Art Gallery / Collectibles

- Staple Clothing Products

TK Mission

Our mission at Triple Kings is to build bridges between artists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and

the communities they live in to tell stories about the power of love, the power of community, and the power of God. 

TK Vision

Our vision at Triple Kings is to create a self sustainable economy for artists, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists so they can increase their impact on the communities they tend to.

Our Story

Triple Kings was conceptualized in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2012 when the CEO's older brother asked for a t-shirt design to wear as a jersey for his triathlon. The name "Triple Kings" was born from the idea of dominating each aspect of a triathlon race; swimming, biking, and running. 

Now, Triple Kings signifies something much larger than dominating a physical race -  Triple Kings represents dominating the three aspects of ones existence; Mind, Body & Soul. The more we enhance these three core aspects of our self, the closer we get to becoming the greatest version of our self. Art is the ultimate story teller and TK aims to give talented individuals the opportunity to showcase and tell their story to the world, inspiring communities to grow stronger and dive deeper with one another. We (you) are the future.

Triple Kings is inspired by the community, for the community, and ran by the community. 

Triple Kings is inspired by Yeshua. 

Our Logo

Our primary logo is inspired by Roman numerals with a crown established right above it. Our logo represents Royalty, Loyalty, God, and becoming the greatest version of yourself. 

TK logo(reg_size)transparent2WH.png
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