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To introduce myself, I’m Reilly Fallon. I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ve always been drawn to nature, and the water specifically. I was certified to scuba dive at the age of 12, and picked up my first film camera at 14. My first experience with photography was at boarding school in Maine, where I was able to lose myself in the darkroom developing photos from my negatives. During undergrad, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Australia where I was immersed in the vast wildlife and ecology the continent has to offer. During our program, we conducted various studies on the Great Barrier Reef. This is where I got hooked. 

I knew I wanted to continue my education in scuba diving and ocean conservation to fully submerge myself into the numerous issues our oceans are facing. I stayed my summer in Australia to intern at the Australian Marine Conservation Society, where I first used my imagery to help in ocean conservation efforts. After graduating college, I pursued my Divemasters then became a scuba dive instructor, with the idea to spend as much time in the ocean while continuing my photography on my days off. 


Now, I continue to use scuba diving to work in different parts of the world and capture the beauty of far off places. My photography is my medium to connect the places that are “out of sight, out of mind” and bring them back home. In hopes to bring the ocean into the eyes of everyday individuals who don't get to experience it first hand. Also, to bring up the myriad of topics that threaten our oceans, because they’re also a threat to mankind. 


I hope that my images can inspire others to seek the hidden beauty our world has to offer. To connect people back with the living world around them. Reminding people that there still is mystery and awe to be discovered, you may just have to look a bit closer. 

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