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White Out

White Out

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White Out
Reilly Fallon
Colors of the Deep
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White Out

Reilly Fallon

A peacock anemone shrimp sits amongst its anemone. The anemone provides protection for this marine crustacean. When I spotted this individual, I imagined a critter in a snowglobe, bringing me back home to our Minnesota winters. When I swam up to grab a photo, this shrimp bravely came out to greet me. Peeking her head out, I was able to photograph this intimate encounter. Seconds after, the shrimp tucked itself back into her protective home.


Captured with:

Sony A1 with 90mm macro lens, F/9, 1/125, ISO 200 with Sea and Sea strobes

Limited Edition:   500

Current Edition:


Acrylic Glass Finish

-Printed on Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper

-Placed under a glossy acrylic glass (1/16 inch thick). The glass is light, shatterproof and resistant to temperature fluctuations.

-Our Best seller. Brilliantly rich color, extreme luminosity and spectacular light-resistance. Allowing the artwork to keep that "fresh-out the package" look for many, many years to come.

-Luxury in style and quality. Intended for indoor.

Metal Print Finish

-Printed on Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper

-The backing is 1/8 in. (3 mm) thick aluminum Dibond. A composite material with three layers, Dibond ensures maximum stability but weighs very little.
-Weather + UV resistant - can be placed outdoors. (please assure it is securely hung if placed outdoors).

Print Styl
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