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The Little Things


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      The Little Things is a collection of underwater Macro photography shots depicting marine crustaceans in their natural environments. A few species highlighted are the Harlequin Shrimp, Spiny Tiger Shrimp, and Porcelain Crab. All of the photographs in this gallery were taken in Alor, Indonesia during the 2022 season. Most of the subjects in the gallery range from 1cm-3cm in length. 

      As an underwater photographer, there are many challenges that come with each individual photo. It's gear intensive, using underwater housing for the camera system and  SCUBA equipment to reach your subject. And, you're in the ocean, an ever wild environment. Whether the subject matter is in the “correct” position to photograph, or if you can find a subject at all! Most of the photographs were taken while “Muck” diving. When you are muck diving, you are searching for the smallest critters. Unlike a coral reef, muck diving tends to be done in bays, where the bottom is predominantly sand or silt. This attracts many of the most bizarre, small, and beautiful creatures on this earth. 


    Most of the species in the gallery live symbiotically with another organism. For example, the porcelain crab lives on a carpet anemone. The crab keeps the anemone clean and free of parasites while the anemone provides shelter and protection. In today's world, we need to work together to achieve almost anything. If the smallest critters on the earth can, so can we.

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