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Worth a King's Ransom II Recap Footage

Video edited by Design Peel Co.

Red Carpet Pics

Rooftop 360 Videos

JW MPLS Photos

Dame G Sr. Photos

Worth a King's Ransom is an event like none other. Art, poetry, live music, and incredible local talent from Minneapolis, MN. One of the most diverse and creative events to exist in the Midwest & we're just getting started.

The purpose of this event is to provide a platform for local talent while raising funds and awareness for V3 Sport and Smart North. Two amazing non-profits in Minneapolis elevating our community.

We encourage you to continue supporting the spirit of this event by donating to their organizations. Thank you to all the artists, guests, staff and sponsors for making this event a success!

Event Stats:

217 guests in total

$1,359 raised for artists / 12 artworks sold

$937 raised for V3 Sports

$539 raised for Smart North

Worth a King's Ransom II Sponsors


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